A Jump to Full Time Farming for the Kleins

Oct 30, 2017 by

I recently posted an article about what I see as the New Catholic Land Movement at ThoseCatholicMen.com, and it was great to see how far that article went and how many people responded to it publicly and privately.

One of those responses was from the Klein family, who has just moved to full time farming – moving all the way from the center of the universe (North Carolina) and away from a teaching career to Wisconsin to take over their family’s farm.  So many of us dream of such a move, but in reality it takes a major act of faith and trust.  We’re teetering in that direction with our micro dairy (just one bathroom away from Grade A!).  And you have to be a bit crazy.  In many ways dreams of farming just don’t make sense, but it seems to be in response to a real need, to something greater and more necessary than participating in the current ways of things.

Anyway, my point is to simply pass along their sites (family farm site and business farm site) so that you can keep an eye on a family that has “made the jump”.

Congratulations Kleins, and God be with you!

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