Forgiveness & Community

Nov 3, 2013 by

Kevin wrote recently about community and where we find it. One aspect of community that is much needed is forgiveness. Forgiveness is a key aspect in our relationships with God and our relationships with one another. One aspect in forgiveness is trying to look at others in the best light possible: giving them the benefit of the doubt when they have done something questionable, concentrating on their positive qualities, not giving yourself the chance to develop any sort of grudge. Looking at a picture of my daughter yesterday, I was thinking about how we only keep the best pictures we shoot, and how that can be analogous to the way God wants to look at us as fundamentally good, how we ought to look at others, and how we will be in Heaven, so...

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Longing for the Land

May 2, 2013 by

[This is Casey again . . .] It has been a while since I have last written, but God has kept me pretty busy lately. I have been working at finishing up the year, teaching high school theology, preparing to move to the farm, and just over a month ago, my wife gave birth to our first child (on earth), Miriam! God has allowed me to get enough of my work done today to take a slight break and write a quick blog post. I just wanted to check in describe my excitement for turning my podium into a “plowshare” and lesson plans into “pruning hooks.” Too often this past year, I have taught all day only to come home and work on the next day’s lesson for most of the evening, taking a...

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Cutting Through the Junk

Oct 15, 2012 by

Image credit: The other day I was reading a post by Fr. Dwight Longenecker, discussing the idea of lukewarm Catholicism. (If you haven’t ever read Fr. Longenecker, consider this your invitation to start.) He was commenting on a speech the Pope gave the other day, mentioning how “Being tepid is the greatest danger for Christians . . . We pray that faith becomes like a fire in us and that it will set alight others.” (cf. Rev. 3:16: “So, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth.”) In this post, Fr. Longenecker commented: I’m talking about the Church militant. But lest people get the heebie jeebies and think I’m talking about righteous crusades and people marching out to war and flying airplanes into skyscrapers–what I mean...

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The Beauty of the Land

Aug 11, 2012 by

[Guest post by contributor Casey Truelove] Like many of you, I’ve spent most of my life indoors–and since you read this blog, we are probably alike in that we have been indoors, looking outward. Whether it was school, work, or home, I’ve spent a great deal of time inside, longing to be outside. I can’t count the number of days that have gone by after which I couldn’t help but feel like I didn’t live that day to its potential because the weather had been beautiful, but I was stuck doing some sort of work. It began with this discontent of having felt like I “wasted” a day indoors, but I can look back now and see other desires that pushed me toward the enjoyment of doing things outside (I put quotation marks around...

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