Worth it All

Jan 26, 2016 by

I am very blessed to be from a family of seven. My parents worked tirelessly to provide for us, and to give us many of the things they couldn’t afford growing up. That work ethic has led to my siblings going on to become successful in many different professions. We have a doctor, a lawyer, a carpenter, and an architect. I am always proud to tell others about my family. Then I come to myself…I’m a father. During the last few months I have taken a lot of time to reflect on life, and all of the good things I have. My last post marked a low point, and there wasn’t much of anywhere to go but up. Three weeks ago we welcomed our fourth child, and of course we haven’t slept much since...

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Thank You

Dec 9, 2015 by

I’m afraid I will never be able to respond to everyone who responded to my last post. I have been a bit overwhelmed by the number of emails and other contacts I have received. So, I wanted to say thank you to all of you. Your kindness, recommendations, and words have given me much to think about. We love this life that we set out to live. I will never regret my foray into farming. Despite the many hardships, I have a tremendous number of happy memories as well. For now, we will stay put and wait for a baby to come in a month or so. Hopefully, she won’t come before Christmas! Then we will begin taking our first steps forward. Until then we will be patient and wait on the right door....

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At What Cost?

Dec 2, 2015 by

It’s time for one of those posts where I’m squirmingly honest again. Sometimes you need to put these up to keep everything in perspective. I write this now as I stand at a crossroads again in my life. I stand wondering whether this whole venture into rural life has been worth it. What have I gained? What have I lost? Am I a better man or worse man for having spent five years in close connection to the raw earth. So many questions, so few answers. Where do I go from here? For a while (more than a year now) our family has been discerning our next steps. There has never been a clear path ahead of us since our discernment began. Now, we live in a home that is not our own, and want...

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A Reflection on Death, Detachment, and Farming (by Mary Ford)...

Nov 23, 2015 by

November is the month that the Church traditionally preaches on and remembers the souls of the dead. Along with that is a constant reminder in Scripture to prepare ourselves for our own final days. This might seem a rather morbid focus, but in reality, it is a time to be sincerely thankful: Christ has conquered death, and our way to Paradise with Him is open! St. Francis of Assisi, one of my favorite saints, went so far as to dub the end of our earthly life as “Sister Death”. He saw death as a welcome friend, because it was the last door to go through to get to our Lord in Heaven. Having said all this, I have to admit that I’ve always struggled a bit with a fear of death and a desire...

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The Hand on the Plow

Jul 28, 2015 by

I get the feeling that our entire civilization teeters on the edge of a knife. We have created an immense edifice of artificiality that bombards us from every side. REAL HUMAN INTERACTIONS are steadily being replaced by a virtual world. The interactions we do have on a human level are becoming more and more violent and immoral. Where do we go from here? There has been a lot written lately about the Benedict Option. I have written in the past that I feel very strongly that this is a legitimate possibility for the future, albeit not the only possibility. As I read the pages of Laudato Si I am struck by how it resonates with the vision I have for the future of the world. It is unfortunate that so much focus has been...

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