CSA: What I Meant to Say

Mar 20, 2015 by

CSA: What I Meant to Say

After thinking a bit about my last post I decided to remove it. Mostly because it may have shown a bit of pride on my part. I want to do a little addendum.


CSA’s do have a place in agriculture. However, one needs to be very aware of what grows where you live. Our failure with the CSA were beyond our control and not directly related to experience. Rather, it had to do with environmental impacts that couldn’t be dealt with organically. I know of many very successful and large CSA’s, and I’m sure my own bad experience of running one taints my overall view of them. However, I can note that Joel Salatin also is not a big fan of CSA’s. However, in some cases CSA’s may be the only way to get your items sold. So a few more pointers.

1. Don’t do a CSA until you are sure what you want to grow will actually grow where you want to live. (Veggies pretty much won’t grow where we live, but you’ll do fine if you are in a better climate).

2. Do what you love. I love animals and I hardly eat vegetables. Give me a steak and potatoes, or some bacon and eggs and I’m happy.

3. Don’t give up the dream even if everything falls apart. Regroup, replan, and start again.



P.S. – Thanks Z.

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  1. Kevin, I am personally glad I read your post before you replaced it. You do read so many positive CSA experiences on the internet, it is instructive to read the other side as I am very sure that many CSA startups never get even as far as you did-but you don’t hear about them and the specific problems.

    However, I did have a CSA question for you. You ran a CSA in at least 2 locations. What did you perceive the economic status was of the CSA members? The reason I ask is that I remember reading Kelly Klober’s book “Dirt Hog” and he talks about the pastured pork clientele being from the big houses on the hill not the peasants in the valley (to paraphrase). I am wondering if it this is true of CSA members.

    As you may know, I have not had so much a farm as a homestead, so your perspective is valuable.

    Good luck with the pigs-I love them!


    • Matt

      I must second Jim’s sentiment about being glad to have read the post about the CSA business model before Kevin took it down. Still, I can understand why it was taken down too (even if I don’t totally agree).

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