Expanding the New Catholic Land Movement

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Expanding the New Catholic Land Movement

Ten years ago this month I started to blog on the Catholic Land Movement. At the time I was a very green farmer/homesteader wannabe who dreamed of providing all of life’s necessities from the Providential bounty of the land. A decade later I am a somewhat jaded, yet wiser farmer who is giving farming another shot. Yet, there is one aspect with regard to the New Catholic Land Movement that I have long wanted to address, and now at this particular time believe it is being addressed.

My original blog was more or less my musing on all things related to Catholic rural life. However, it also became a sort of long term documentary of my own attempts at farming, establishing community, and failing at both. Now I believe it is time to separate the movement from my own ego and expand it to encompass all the ways that God is working to bring back a cohesive rural Catholic family life.

Recently a friend of mine and long time NCLM enthusiast offered to manage/edit this site. For quite a while I have felt that I lacked the time and personality traits necessary to expand the NCLM beyond my own personal story. Thus I am handing on the reins of this site to Jason Craig. Mr. Craig’s writings can be seen quite commonly passing around the circles of Catholic rural life groups on social media and online in general. I believe it is a necessary step in order to as he put it: “Wrestle the NCLM away from the story of Kevin Ford.” I couldn’t agree more with his assessment.

Our vision is to change this site (or another similar site) into a place where all those interested in the Catholic Land Movement can come to share ideas and learn about what is happening around the globe. Hopefully, we can garner a good and steady group of writers to offer insights into their own personal journeys as well as building up the philosophical foundation for the movement to be successful today. I continue to hear from folks from around the globe about this idea of a Catholic Land Movement. The movement is by no means dead, but it does perhaps need some changes to make it to a larger audience. I look forward to being a part of that movement. For ten years I sought to give a voice to the New Catholic Land Movement. Now I want to be a voice in the movement as opposed to the voice. I look forward to seeing the developments over the coming weeks, months, and years. I hope that you do too.



P.S. – I will eventually be blogging about our personal story again, however that will be at a separate site for our new farm venture: Good Ground Farm. We don’t have a website up yet, but I will mention it in the future.

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  1. Teresa

    We have owned our farm house for 4 years now and still feel like hopeless newbies, lol, but will always be interested in the Catholic land movement and it’s musings!

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