In a Wounded World I Plant a Garden

Oct 28, 2017 by

In a Wounded World I Plant a Garden

It is hard to put into proper words the current state of the Church and the World. Violence, brokenness, addiction, abuse…the list goes onward and upward endlessly. In such a crisis there is a temptation to overreact and try to do too much. There is also a temptation to despair and do nothing at all as we drift along with the flow. Yet, in my own life I have chosen to plant a garden. It takes a great deal of discernment to do so little and to understand the greatness of something so small.

I will admit that initially my reasons for returning to the land were selfish. First, I fell in love with the land and the poetic idealistic nature of the land movement. The story of where that love fore the ideal led me is well known to readers of this blog, and I won’t go into details about my miserable failure in farming. However, my love for the land and this movement has returned accompanied with much greater wisdom borne of those difficulties.

In a world as wounded as ours I have decided to plant a garden. There in the garden I have found peace from the fires of our times. Most of all I have found a place where I can raise a family away from those fires. In a great forest fire often times it is too much to ask for you to put out the flames, but one can sometimes shield what you love from the flames. It so happens that oftentimes a home can be preserved even as the whole landscape around is devastated. Thus it is that I grow a garden away from the flames where I can walk with my children and pass on the true flame of love. There are many ways we can react to the difficulties of our times, and this is the way I have found most suited to my own family.

It is true that my first attempt at fleeing to the fields found me broken and disillusioned with the whole Catholic Land Movement. Undoubtedly, returning to the land is an exceedingly difficult venture. It is made even more difficult in our own times with skyrocketing land prices, corporate agriculture, and food raised unethically. We men who love our wives and children must find ways to guide them through our own times. Handing on the faith in our age of disbelief requires us to find good ground where the seed can grow and produce 30, 60, or 100 fold. It is hard to keep that seed growing when the farmer is absent from the fields most of the time.

Thus it is that I return to the garden a wiser more weathered farmer. Next year we will be returning to farming and gardening as a way of life. However, my motivations are now driven by being able to be present to my own children. I don’t anticipate striking it rich as a farmer, but I do hope to maintain that good ground where the seed of faith in my children can grow. I can’t keep anything of the things of the world when I die, but I hope to store up treasure in heaven where thief cannot steal and moth cannot destroy. If I can do this then no matter what happens I will be successful as a farmer.

In Christ,

P.S. – Our new farming endeavor we have named: Good Ground Gardens

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  1. Robert Collins

    I’m glad you are at it again. I can’t claim a bible verse but I feel with all my that the farm is the fields that Gods children grow in. I don’t have one but I have planters and do what I can. I’m a poor catholic and buy my land at lowes and put it in pots. I tell my children to farm all the time and they see the wisdom in it and are going in that direction. It is the wilderness we must flee to to hide from the great beast.
    Well may God bless your fields

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