Training Institute

One of the major goals of the New Catholic Land Movement is to establish a Rural Life Institute. This Institute would be centered around a working farm that would help support the movement monetarily. At this farm, both individuals and families would be welcome to come and stay to learn the art and culture of farming and life on the land. Unlike many modern training farms, ours would be one where an authentic Catholic faith is the center and basis for all activities. If you would like to support this apostolate then please visit our Funding page to contribute.


Institute for Catholic Rural Life

Long and Short-Term Goals and Needs

  1. Land or a Farm on which to build or create the Institute.
  2. Housing for families and individuals to come and stay.
  3. Make the farm profitable so as to support the NCLM’s work and those who are trained.
  4. Establish a school of rural life for training in the art and culture of the Catholic faith.