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Books for the Restoration of Catholic Rural Life


Homeward Bound: The Catholic Land Movement Today  – By Kevin Ford -This book will hopefully be released sometime in the fall of 2013.

Flee to the Fields – pub. by IHS Press – This book details the Catholic Land Movement, its motives and succcesses as well as failures. Possibly the greatest reason it failed was that it was premature. For an understanding of the philosophical underpinnings of the Movement this is a must read.
Apostolic Farming – by: Catherine de Hueck Dougherty – This book was written by the servant of God Catherine Dougherty to speak abou the benefits of farming for the spiritual life. Catherine was raised in pre-revolution Russia on a several century old farm. She details the difference between farming as a business and farming as a way of life. This book can be read in about an hour.
The Church and Farming – by: Fr. Denis Fahey- This is another must ready book that shows the nature of farming and the nature of Christian man to be intimately related. He details the philosophical background that led to farming being seen solely in moneymaking terms. He blames Descartes approach to life mathematically because then farming became seen in terms of how much instead of stewardship of creation. This is a difficult read and hard to find, but very important for restoring Catholic Life on the land.
Better Off : Flipping the Switch on Technology – by: Eric Brende – This is a great book and is very hard to put down. It details an 18 month stay by a young Catholic couple in an “Amish” very Old Order Community. The book is enlightening and hilarious at times. It is a great book to read with your wife and can be absolutely life changing with regards to your approach to technology and how it effects your life.
The Rural Solution – This is a short collection of essays in defense of Catholic Rural Life. It is informative and another quick read. It is a good starter book.
The Church and the Land  – Fr. Vincent McNabb O.P. – Although a bit antiquated with regards to people and places, this book still gives some clear reasons for a return to authentic Catholic Rural Life.
Rural Roads to Security  – Msgr. Luigi Ligutti  – A book by one of the early leaders of the National Catholic Rural Life Conference. It is available online here Online version.

Catholic Culture

The Restoration of Christian Culture – by: Dr. John Senior – This is the book written in the 70’s by Dr. Senior who taught at Kansas University. His classes were the last occasion for mass conversion to Catholicism in the Catholic Church. His students have become bishops, priests, monks, and good people. His students founded Clear Creek Monastery. He details the path by which a restoration of Christian Culture could take place. He is a bit polemical, but ultimately it is passionate love for the Church that drives this author.

The Death of Christian Culture – Dr. John Senior – This book is the prequel to “Restoration of Christian Culture.” It can be read before or after restoration, but does give great detail of the problems wrought by modernity in and out of the Church.
Action: A Manual for the Reconstruction of Christendom – Jean Ousset – This book written during the 50’s in the modern milieu challenges man to not only give ideas about what must be done, but to act upon the ideas. It urges the Catholic man to have a plan and to go through with it wherever he is.


The Outline of Sanity – by G.K. Chesterton – This is Chesterton’s classic work on distributism and the Land Movement. It is really a collection of essays showing the importance of returning to the Land and the importance of Distributism for restoring the Catholic Social Order. If you want to see what Distributism is then you must read this book.

Small is Beautiful – E.F. Schumacher – This work was written by an economist with a different view of how economics ought to work. It is subtitled: “Economics as if people mattered.” The author eventually converted to Catholicism after reading the Church’s social teaching.
Beyond Capitalism and Socialism – IHS Press – A collection of essays on Distributism and the like from modern writers. The essays vary in quality, but are a good read.


The Catholic Land Movement: Its Motives  – By Fr. Vincent
McNabb O.P. +
– This Article is the most comprehensive explanation of the Catholic Land Movement . It explains both the reasons for and the benefits of the movement.
The Catholic Land Movement: Its Motives

Farm Tales –
Emily Stimpson (Franciscan University Magazine)
– This articledetails the life of several families near Franciscan University who are seeking to live a life on the land that is  authentically rural and authenticallyCatholic.
Farm Tales Article

Writings by Thomas Storck
– Formany years Thomas Storck has been at the forefront in the fight againstmodernism, and has promoted a Catholic alternative. The linked website makes available many of his writings on many different topics.
Thomas Storck website

Caelum et Terra
– This magazine is no longer published, but at the time (90’s) it was leading the way for analternative vision to the modern milieu. Many of its articles are available online at the following website.
Caelum et Terra

The Land Without a Sunday by Maria Von Trapp

– In this article Maria Von Trapp explains the importance of Sunday and how it was observed in their home.

The Land Without a Sunday